This plugin is optimized to be used with the Shopware Responsive Template. It is also possible to adjust this plugin to other themes thanks to the flexible Template Engine.

With a plugin version 3.0.0 or higher, all our plugins require the Repertus Runtime Plugin. The Runtime has to be installed before you install or update another Plugin. You can download it via the Shopware Community Store for free. 

Setup Support

We would like to help you setting up your plugin. For a flat setup fee of EUR 99 we setup your plugin and perform small adjustments and modifications to the template.

Please contact us!


Most questions may be answered in advance. Therefore we offer for each plugin a user manual to download and additionally collected the most common questions in our FAQs.

Please visit our support section!

Our Shopware-Plugins

We offer numerous additional plugins. Of course, all our plugins are compatible and can be combined with one another. We also present some of our plugins bundled together within attractive conditions.

Out of the box our plugins are optimized for the Shopware Responsive Template and therefore in general may be used there without any adaption.Of course the plugin may be adapted to and used together with different templates. If you use another template contact us please!

About Repertus

Repertus is a young software developing and service company with residence in Berlin.

We offer various services around e-commerce standard software in addition to individual plugin solutions tailored to your needs and requirements.

Please contact us.